Monday, November 03, 2008

Lingle Watch

How many personalities does our governor have? Here's an article from Salon this morning about a McCain rally:

The rally got its cocky swagger back with Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, who managed to work the crowd into an anti-Obama lather with her heavily emphasized assertion that "people are looking for a person they can trust to lead America. They want to elect a president who is proud of their nation." Everyone able to crack the code on what Linda Lingle is saying here? She then turned to an argument that has mostly been heard on the Democratic side of the political spectrum for many months, imagining what supporters would say to their children and grandchildren down the road, when the little whippersnappers ask them, "What did you do when you had a chance to make a difference? What role did you play in that crucial election?" Surely, Lingle concluded, they would want to be able to say that they "worked every hour in those last few days to do everything [they] could to make sure this election turns out the way we know it should for the people of America."

Cocky swagger? Our own right-wing pandering closeted-lesbian governor is cocky on the road? This is not a face she ever shows in Hawai`i.

But this lady has many faces. For years I've been confused about why a Jewish governor would so closely ally herself with the Christian fundamentalists here. I forgot about the whole strange relationship between fundamentalists, Revelations, and Zionism. This letter from Lingle to The Jewish Press (Palin Looks to Queen Esther as Role Model) shows us another face ...

If there were any doubt that Sen. John McCain will shake up Washington and institute real change, the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican vice-presidential nominee has put that question to rest. Few people can match McCain's maverick spirit and bipartisan nature like Gov. Palin.

I've known Sarah Palin since her election as governor in 2006. I am confident she will be a great friend of the Jewish community and Israel, as well as a terrific leader and great vice president.


Finally on Iran - an issue of critical importance to readers of this publication - Gov. Palin gets it. She recognizes the importance of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while advocating for strengthening the strategic U.S.-Israel relationship.

It is also clear that Gov. Palin is a woman of deep personal faith. She has established a good relationship with the Jewish communities of Alaska, supported the residents' desire to create the Alaska Jewish Historical Museum and was present at the reading of Alaska's resolution commemorating Israel's 60th anniversary.

In her office in Juneau, Gov. Palin has hung an Israeli flag. She displays the flag because Israel is in her heart.


Shortly after coming into office, Gov. Palin asked her former pastor for examples of biblical people who were great leaders and for the secret of their leadership. The pastor suggested she re-read the story of Queen Esther, the Jewish woman who rose to help her people and become queen of Persia.

Like Queen Esther, Gov. Palin has faced tremendous adversity, and time and again she has risen to overcome obstacles. This is the sign of a true leader.


Linda Lingle is the governor of Hawaii and a Jewish Republican.
I guess it doesn't matter. Lingle is pretty much out of options in this State, and pimping herself out to Palin's (I mean, McCain's) trainwreck of a campaign isn't going to help her nationally. She can join Harris, Fasi, and Cayetano in whatever club faded Hawai`i pols hang out in when their day is over.

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