Monday, November 03, 2008


My brief louche season is over, and I'm back on a training schedule. It's back to healthy eating, limited drinking, plenty of sleep, and hard core training - paddling, capoeira, weights, surfing, and abs abs abs. And though I've been invited to five election parties (which is more than the total number of parties I've been invited to all fall) I'll be good and stay sober.

Three more weeks and I get on a plane. I'll give myself two days of hard-core decadence in Miami en route to Rio (the Vizcaya event is sponsored by an absinthe company, Joe Gauthraux is spinning Saturday after-hours, I've got a white sunga from Alejandro for Muscle Beach with the circuit grandmother and goddess Wendy Hunt, and it's Abel all night on Sunday - it'll be hard-core for real!), and then I buck up again. This race is real - 18 miles, the same as Kona - so I've got to be real about it. The only way I can pull off both White Party and Rio Va`a is to get myself back in peak form in 3 weeks.

Which should be no problem.

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