Monday, November 03, 2008

Sad Sack Halloween

I got the message from Jake that I need to stop sounding like such a sad-sack in this blog. Which: oops, again. It's so much more fun to write when you're bitchy than when things are going well, and sometimes I'd incriminate too many people if I wrote about the fun times ... so I guess this tilts more negative than I mean it to. 'Cause things are actually going really well - but who wants to hear that?

I did come close to baggin' on Halloween, though. I'd been up late on Thursday helping Scott and Katherine move. Francisco was there also, and one beer let to another & soon it was way past my bedtime. I was hurting on Friday. I knew that Tom would be downtown at the Loft, but I didn't realize tickets were $30 ... and I'm being cheap these days (translation: an iphone, 2 new car tires, Rio fees, White Party tickets, and an overhaul on my bike have pretty much ko'd my bank account). I was going to head downtown anyway, but my group faded out one by one. Luckily I called Jake (and his crew had also bailed, one by one), and we hit Waikiki Friday night.

I was Ninja, and got no attention. Jake was Harry Potter, and got lots of attention, and not just 'cause he was passing out candy to kids! We did a pub crawl from his place on Ala Moana to Lulu's on the other end of Waikiki. It was fun, and kind of trashy, and kind of a perfect night. All the obvious places had lines (Senor Frogs, Yardhouse) or covers (Red Lion) or both (Hulas), so we hit the second rate places - both Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Coconut Willy's, and Lulus. And it was completely tragi-fabulous.

I haven't opened his pics yet, but I'll post when I do.

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Jul said...

Oh...we totally want to hear when things are going well - that's when the good stuff comes out. And incrimination is a beautiful thing.

As for Halloween, it sounded "tragi-fabulous" as you described...what a great term.

Hey - and no shame with being cheap.