Monday, September 26, 2005

Kenneth Cometh

If the models hold, I'll be flying out of here about two hours before the remnants of Kenneth hits O`ahu with lots of rain and 25kt winds.

Part of me wishes I would be here when it hits. I've been training for this, dammit! It's the same feeling I had when I took CPR in High School ... I kept waiting for someone around me to have a heart attack. Maybe it would be the fat lady in line ahead of me at the grocery store. Or the waitress at The Big Apple. And Fr. Noelke was looking a bit shaky in those days. I definitely kept my eye on him. I was ready in case he collapsed during the homily [I still had enough residual piety then to not fantasize about him falling out while reading the gospel]. I could've been an altar boy superhero.

Right now Kenneth looks like it will be messy but not too dangerous. But these things change. And it can change all it wants, as long as my flight takes off on time.

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