Monday, October 03, 2005

12 Hours in Minneapolis, and the European Merry-Go-Round

At the Amsterdam airport, trying to figure out how to get to Mykonos from here. One flight was delayed, KLM wants to send me to Paris then Athens, but I'll then miss my connection ... so who knows where I sleep tonight.

So far the flights a haven't been that bad. Ambien doesn't work for me at all on planes. I think my body ust fight it. I get drowsy, but it won't knock me out. So much for my [lan of being comatose the whole way.

Spent twelve hours with Steve and Tom in UptownMinneapolis. I had a pretty good time with them. Minneapolis looks exactly like I thought a town layed out by the sons of Norway would look. It was nice, clean, and ... well ... nice. Uptown looked a lot like Ann Arbor's West Side. I bussed in at dawn, and took a quick nap in the park. I wouldn't think twice about doing that in Hawai`i; there it felt pseudo-homeless. I kept expecting an officer to walk up, prod me with his night-stick, and urge me to move along.

Finally met up with Steve and Tom. Went to a breakfast buffet with make your own Bloody Mary's. The combo knocked me out. Napped, relaxed in their hot tub, wnet for a walk along Lake Calhoun with them and the dog, grabbed coffee, and that was it for Minnesota. If I had stayed I could've caught the annual Bear's Dance at the VFW. I fought the urge to stay.

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