Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Mykonos

Alright now, this is nice. I've been here just over 24 hours, but it feels longer. The long trip here already feels like it happened long ago.

The land is much drier than I thought it would be. The hills are mostly rock, with a few scrubby plants clinging to the slope. But the skies are blue, and the Aegean sparkles. The sun is just warm enough to heat your skin, and there is a hint of fall chill in the wind. The season ended last week, and Mykonos is quiet now. The crowds on the beach number in the dozens, not thousands. The beachfront discos are empty. Times seems suspended, as if the island were caught in some eternal Indian summer.

Mykonos is an easy island to like.

The villa is just Sumner, Joseph, Dawn, and myself. Joseph cooked yesterday;I take over the kitchen today. We're heading to the market later to see what's fresh. I hadn't met Joseph, but we bonded quickly. He's into his food and music, so our conversation came easy.

Our plan is ... no plans. Enjoy the views, drink wine, laze around, take walks, eat ... that's about it. We're taking a boat to Delos tomorrow, and that will probably be the most we exert ourselves.

Life is good.

I posted some pics in the album.

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Beau said...

Sounds heavenly!