Sunday, October 23, 2005

Farewell Kaleiçi

I'm at the bus station, wasting time until the bus to Nevşehir leaves. I've been wasting time all day - I checked out of the pension this morning, and have had nothing to do but hang out since then. Went tot he barber, but he is fixated on the idea that I can go into business with him in Hawaii and that he will be fabulously rich. Some of the guys in the shop who had been to the West set him straight on the realities of the working life, and he was crushed. He also acted like we were all lying.

Later to Aslans shop. More hanging out. Then down the street to Sedat's place. More hanging out. Evening came and I was still there; the imam sang Allahu Akbar and we all sat down to eat - Sedat, his employees, and some guys who had wandered in. Sedat cleared clothes (Diesel knockoffs) from two tables and pushed them together, turned the closet into a kitchen, and prepared what seems to be the standard working class meal of Antalya - the same lentil soup, salad, and bread as I've had every evening. Lots and lots of bread. I'm getting spoiled by all the fresh bread here.

Then it was time for goodbyes, and I hate goodbyes, and these were harder than most. This place, and these guys, really worked their way into my heart.

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