Friday, October 28, 2005

Bad Weather Coming

It's my last day in Göreme - I take the night bus to İstanbul - and I picked the right day to leave. Clouds started pouting in across the plains early today, and by mid morning the sun was gone. All the heat went with it. It's been non-stop blue skies for two weeks; at some point my luck was bound to run out. It snowed in İstanbul last week, and there have been floods along the Black Sea Coast. I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow.

I've just been putzing around town wasting time; it really is to cold to wander very far. I went to the music store for awhile and picked up some cd's. I could've bought a dozen - there is some great music here. I enjoy the folk music enough, but can't imagine I'd listen to it much. Some of the modern Sufi and Anatolian jazz, however, is stunning - it's completely haunting and melancholic, and I am sure I will be subjecting all of you to it when I get home. A guy at the restaurant burned me some cd's, and I bought two more this morning.

Dawn / Ron / et al: Here are my travel basics for the next couple weeks:
  • İstanbul Oc.t 29 - Nov. 3
  • New York Nov. 4-7. I'll call from there.
  • Michigan Nov. 8 - 15
  • Nov. 16 Home!

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Anonymous said...

yes, got your email. No word from greece, maybe not an internet thing. Will hear from you when you get here. Good travels - D