Saturday, October 08, 2005


If anyone finds themselves in Mykonos here are some good places run by good people:

Fantastico Internet Cafe, on the road to Platis Gialos. Its run by a super hard working couple with five children.

Rendez-Vous / Maria's Kitchen, north end of Mykonos Town. Maria cooks fresh, homemade food to order. Her olive bread and friend calamari are sublime, and she made the best taramasalata I had.

Nikko's Taverna, Mykonos Town. This one is in the tour books. It's big and full of local folks and tourists until late at night. A perfect place for midnight grinds.

Club Porta, down an alley from Nikko's. The crowd is reserved; it's up to you to jump start the party.

Kastro Bar, Little Venice, Mykonos Town. The in-place for sunset cocktails. It's in all the tourist books, so grab a seat early. I am absolutely sure that they will remember the crew from Hawai`i.

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