Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Distant Lands

About once or twice a year I decide that I've had it with Hawai`i, that I need to be somewhere more exciting - and somewhere with more dating potential [because the supply of employed single 40-something gay men here is limited to non-existent]. I couldn't do anything about moving while I was still working on my thesis, but I finished that two years ago. Then I took a state job, and I figured I'd give the islands five more years [until I'm vested] and then move on.

The urge to move on usually passes. I'll spend a nice weekend surfing, or head to the clubs and run into good friends I've made over the past decade, and I'll realize that I won't have this in San Francisco, or New York, or London. And I'll settle down, and decide that Honolulu isn't so bad after all.

But this summer it's been hitting hard. I even tried to get in touch with UV and Kevin about jobs in Baghdad. I spent a day googling State and UN jobs - although there wasn't much that interested me. This weekend I calmed down a bit. Did First Friday with David, and had a nice time. Wasted Saturday doing nothing. Had a great surf session Sunday evening, and spent the rest of the night at Hula's with the usual gang. And I decided that the islands weren't so bad, and that I could survive a few more years.

So I went back to fantasizing about travel, rather than packing up and moving. I'm heading to Guadalajara with Hollis in November, and then meeting up with a whole gang for five days in Puerto Vallarta. And if I plan right I'm hoping to spend three weeks in Egypt and Jordan the year after.

But David just sent a link to Relief Web, a listing of postings with international humanitarian agencies. And I qualify for a good chunk of them. I'll take a deeper look tonight ... but this really might be my last season here. I'd like to stay through April & follow through with my commitments to the Volcano benefit ... but I'm not going to pass up any opportunities I find.

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