Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tiki Update

Having major nicotine fits tonight - I'm almost bouncing off the walls. I drove to 7-11 to pick up a pack, then turned around in the parking lot.

The orgeat, grenadine, and falernum are finished. The orgeat and grenadine are awesome, although I'm having trouble mixing the orgeat with rum [like all the tiki recipes call for]. The almond in it is a great counterpart to rye and bourbon, though. A splash of orgeat instead of an orange gives a nice depth to an old fashioned, and the one drink that truly works for me is - to my knowledge - unnamed. So I'll be calling it an MC-1 until I learn otherwise.

The MC-1
2 parts rye
1 part orgeat
1/2 part falernum

- Pour over a chilled glass filled with ice. Strain, and serve.
I'll post a pretty picture tomorrow.

A pounch with orgeat, rum, fruit juice, & grenadine is also pretty damned good.

The falernum needs work. I only added a fraction of the lime juice, and yet the lime overpowers all the ginger and clove aromas. The falernum is nice as an additive, but doesn't work yet as a major flavoring. I'm going to try a second batch, this time with the zest of only one lime, I'll let it macerate for ten days, and not add lime juice at the end.

I did an experiment using rum, orgeat, grenadine, falernum, and a splash of ouzo [basically: all the new flavors on my shelf]. The layers of flavor were incredible - almond followed by pomegranate followed by anise. I don't have the right proportions down yet, but there is serious potential here.

I thought I had stumbled upon something new under the sun - until I discovered that I had almost replicated the original Mai Tai; the only difference was that I used a splash of ouzo instead of half a shot of Cointreau. Now I'll never order a Mai Tai in a bar because they tend to be sickeningly sweet, but I figured the original Mai Tai, Roe Ai! might have potential. But as other bloggers have noted, all you can taste is the lime. The other exotic ingredients are wasted here.

My jello-cat Grasshopper is begging for attention, the local schools are prosecuting a 14-year old kid for sexual assault for touching a girl's privates, and an American in Thailand has just confessed to JonBenet Ramsey's murder. And as for the last: holy shit. Like everyone else in the USA I assumed it was the parents who did it. And if we were wrong, and the parents were innocent, then ... fuck. We - and I mean WE, dammit - were complicit in compounding their pain, which must have already been unimaginable.

I need to move to the couch, play with my kitty, and catch up on the breaking news. Besides, the MC-1 is hitting me kind of hard.

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