Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Civil Unions Bill

This email has been flying around the gay community fast and furiously. I think I found close to ten copies in my box this morning. It's coming at me from all directions.

There's a good chance that the majority party (Dems) will caucus on this bill sometime in the next two days; which means that the Reps. will take an informal, private, vote to see if the measure has a chance of passing on the floor of the House. Therefore, it's also VERY important that your own Rep. hear from you. So, in addition to contacting Rep. Waters, it's also important that you call and email your own Rep. Go to if you don't know who your Rep. is.

If you guys/gals want this - make your voices heard! This shit does not happen on it's own folks.


I went ahead and wrote Rep. Say this morning. I think he has a good track record, but, for what it's worth, I've added my voice.

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