Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Master Cleanse: T-24hr

24 hours to go, and I am not doing well. I eat a piece of cheese and all I can think is, this will be my last piece of cheese for ten days. And for everything ... it's goodbye coffee. I'll miss you most of all. Goodbye potatoes. I'll be back. Goodbye nuts. Don't go bad while I'm gone, ok?

It's not helping that this is my first day off the patch and with no smokes for emergency back-up. That's 24 hours of no nicotine at all. I. Am. Bounce. Ing. Off. The. Walls. I'm going to need an ambien or something. The tequila didn't help. Nor did the whiskey. Well, the whiskey was cheap, so what can you expect ... but it was damn good tequila.

Sniff. Bye-bye tequila.

But on the other hand, I had to go to Ross's [Fashion! For Less!] to get a work-out shirt, as mine was covered in mud from my bike ride this morning. I skimmed the discount rack and picked up some sweet and oh so stylish - I'll be a hit in Paris, I know I will - shirts that were maybe just a little small for my current body but which will fit me just fine in my new one. Which is due to arrive in ten days.

I just got my body fat tested, and took my own measurements, so here's the old body ... not bad ... but not what it's gonna be: 195 lbs, 14% bodyfat [or 26.6 lbs of fat, but waist:hip ratio say 20%], waist 36.5, hips 39, chest 43, arms 15, thighs 23, calves 15.5.

So [get ready for a Bridget Jones' moment], 15% bodyfat is the healthy cutoff for men. I'm too close to the border - especially given how much I work out and bike. Every pound of fat equals 1/4 inch in the waist. 10% bodyfat will give me a 35"waist and 187 pounds.

And all I can think is - only a 35" waist???? Frak that. If I'm going to suffer I want to see better results than that. I need to be fabulous by Paris. My clothes demand it.

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