Sunday, February 18, 2007


Frak. I'm leaving in fifteen minutes to catch the bus for the airport, and there's a cold rain outside.

My plan was to pitch a tent & chill at Makena for two days, & then spend Tuesday doing site visits for work. I packed work clothes, a change of t-shirts, a couple books, and a tent. I figured I wouldn't need many clothes, that I'd just spend the next few days nekkid. But it's been cold at night, so I added a sweatshirt, and borrowed a sleeping bag from Roy. And in case it rained a lot I figured I should add some gym clothes, and maybe some more indoor clothes. There's not much to do on Maui if the weather sucks - go to the gym, go to Borders, go to the movies. C`est tout.

And now my bag is overflowing. I'm going camping with three changes of shoes, and there's something wrong with the whole picture. I'm not sure what happened to the guy who once hitched around Europe for three weeks with a knapsack. He's probably in my bags somewhere.

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