Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bad Communication

The neighbor knocked on my door yesterday, and said he had a huge favor to ask me. His friend is homeless, and he asked if the friend could pitch his tent in my yard for a couple weeks.

I didn't even have to start cussing for the neighbor to know what I thought about that idea. I think I rolled my eyes so far back in my head that they spun right back around to where they started from, and that was all it took for the neighbor to start apologizing and telling me it was ok and to not worry about it.

I'm still flabbergasted. I think neighbor might be drinking too much again. I want some guy shitting and pissing in my garden? And doesn't neighbor have a yard of his own? I just don't get it.

Dinner was with Manny & friends. He's in town for a conference, and this is a surprise visit. It's good to see him again, though mentally I'm a bit preoccupied with Moloka`i. There was one strange moment at dinner where everyone had their i-phones out and were communicating with those instead of actually talking. Luckily another round of cocktails came and they had to put their toys away. Drinking still trumps texting, at last for now.

Though I'm not sure what the point of talking is at the moment. I have the presidential debate on in the background. Obama is doing somewhat ok, and once in awhile he actually answers a question. McCain is just making noise.

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