Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Strange Fruit

I've been out of media contact for about a week, and now that I'm tuned back in it's like I've landed in some strange world where the Freedom Rides never happened, where the Supreme Court rejected Brown v Kansas, and where the bombs are still going off in Selma.

I've seen racism in my life, but nothing like what we're seeing now on the news and all over the internet. Or rather, I've only seen it in old news reels. I thought that this was a time that had passed.

It's hard not to feel a cold chill of fear when you see the anger in these people's faces, or when you see the clips of nooses and lynchings alongside pictures of Obama.

But maybe we need to see this. Maybe this will finally expose the "Republican base" for what it is. Too many people have made accommodations with these folks' twisted theology of hate, from the spineless political independents to our own lesbian Jewish governor. Now it's out there. Now the face of bigotry is exposed. Now, if you vote for the modern Republican party, you know exactly what you're getting.

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