Tuesday, October 28, 2008

International News

Just some random interesting things that should have been noticed, but haven't been ...

From allAfrica.com:

Rwanda's newly elected Members of Parliament voted in the first ever woman Speaker today (October 7, 2008), setting a record as the first female-majority parliament in the whole world.

Ms Mukantabama Rose, representative of Kigali city beat Mr Mukama Abbas the only male contesting for the same post with 70 votes to become the leader of Rwanda's Chamber of Deputies.


Norway, Brazil, the Netherlands, Paris, and NATO now mandate that all government documents be produced on open-source software. It's something we should consider - right now almost every document our office, and maybe the state, is produced in a format owned by Microsoft (.xml). I don't know what we pay in license fees; I am sure that it runs into the millions. And we are stuck with them; there is very little room for negotiation since they, in effect, own us.

Here's Eric Kirss, Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance: It is an overriding imperative of the American democratic system that we cannot have our public documents locked up in some kind of proprietary format, perhaps unreadable in the future, or subject to a proprietary system license that restricts access.


And finally, Canada, with it's well-regulated financial system, seems to be escaping the world economic meltdown. American liberals should be using them as Exhibit A on why right-wing economic theory fails, and why traditional New Deal style government really does work.

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