Friday, December 22, 2006


I got ten and a half hours sleep last night, and it feels so good. I think this might be my New Years Resolution, to get at least eight a night for a month and see how it goes.

Boy, I needed it. I think I've spent the past month cooking, eating, sleeping, and drinking. I've only been to the gym once since I got back from Mexico, and haven't surfed at all.

The cooking is fun, even if I overdo it. I don't know how normal people clean. I spent two days in the garden prepping for the party, and part of a morning cleaning. I spent a good five or six afternoons cleaning the kitchen. I'm a messy cook, but damn. And it's trashed again after a marathon cookie cooking session two nights ago. And I've spent a couple evenings trying to keep my living room in order.

With all this cleaning you'd think my place would sparkle, and that I'd actually be able to get around to decorating. But nah, it's till a mess. I really do not understand how the rest of the world does it. I mean, not everyone has staff, do they?

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