Monday, December 04, 2006

Revolution Day

Yeah, normally cute makes me throw up in my throat a little bit. Sorry, then, for these - shots I took during the Revolution Day in Yelapa.

I've also uploaded the Mexico pics to Photobucket. As usual, put them up in random order, and I am too lazy to correct it. I managed to go almost a whole week without a single pic of Sean or Alastair. Honestly, they were there! I have very definite memories of them!

Back to Yelapa. And the cute. The major cities had riots to celebrate Revolution Day. In Yelapa, we had ...


and caballeros,

and gentlemen.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm ... I'm going to type here - but hesitantly because I'm not at all sure anyone else will find my little contribution. Hesitantly? Perhaps I mean "confidently". (Does anyone else make it off her home page?)

Anyway, bugger the revolutions. Weren't you much more fascinated by the way "les mesdmoiselles australiennes" happen to materialise out of thin air - and that very, very thin Mexican air too - just at those critical junctures where the heroine is about to get bored? Not that they're Jiminy Crickets, of course. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking the pair of them were undisclosed agents for a consortium of struggling tequila distilleries.

She's right about one thing though: when it comes to grogging on, she's "dinky di" and the other Septics were as weak as the piss they didn't sink.

(Written and authorised by "Sean")