Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Step on the Interior Makeover

Here we go ... tonight I start working on the inside of the house. Per my Cyber Eye:

sorry for the delay, we'll aim to get the inside in better shape by your party (it won't be done, but it'll look a whole shitload better, k?).

here's some initial feedback for you to start:
we need to see what all you have collected to figure out what's great, what's not so great and what's important to you and what's not. we also need to clear spaces so that we can see more of the "bones" of the rooms.

remember what you said about there being a lot of space in the laundry room? maybe even in that passage under the house...as long as it's dry and protected from the rain? well, we'll need to use some of that temporarily while we sort stuff out.

i'll want to move your table and chairs from where they are in the kitchen so we can use that space for you to take photos (neutral background). then i want you to get anything that you have decoration wise within a specific theme and put them there so we can photograph them.
for instance, easy first theme: mardi gras. get everything you have with that theme, put them on the floor in the kitchen or lean against that wall and photograph them. then i'm going to want you store them away in the laundry room or in the passage way, out of the way. put em in grocery bags and keep them compact so you don't take up too much room.

next theme: micronesian stuff. that can be wall art, stuff in the cubby holes, textiles, shells, whatever, photo them then store in the laundry room.

other themes? HATS, family mementos, photos of friends, turkish, indian, greek, hawaiian, surfing, etc.
the end result of this exercise is that you should have walls with nothing on them and shelves with no decorations. temporarily.

(leave all essential items in place...kitchen stuff, tv, audio, books, cds, computer...).

call me to discuss before you get started so i can reassure you. g

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