Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Night to Monday Morning

Sunday night, and I feel like the weekend has just started. I want to do it again - it's all ending too soon.

Objectively - I got almost everythign done that I wanted to. That's mighty rare. But on the other hand ... I didn't leave my house for 36 hours. I picked up Grasshopper from the Vet Friday evening (she got spayed, 'cause I am not ready to handle any teen pregnancies in my life, kitten or otherwise). For the next day and a half I cleaned, worked in the garden, rearranged furniture (cyber eye pics coming soon!) , and mixed music. The only thing I didn't get to was downloading the Mexican pics online. All good stuff. All stuff that needed to happen.

And yet. As always ... and yet. Now I'm ready to play. I went to Queen's for a swim around 4pm. I didn't know anyone, so went to Starbucks afterwards and read for a bit. Next went to Vann's Christmas party, which was a strange mix of pleasant and painful. This was the party, in a nutshell: I'd be talking to people, thinking I was being social and integrating nicely, and they'd do a toast ... among themselves ... while I sat there looking on. I went to talk to the two token straight boys in attendance, and had a great time with them. Go figure. David [aka Madame Lim] wasn't having much luck on his end, and so we bagged early and went to Hulas.

The gang was there, and it was fun seeing them all. I passed out some more invites to my party, flirted a bit, and then biked my sorry and slightly drunk ass home. And now? Now I feel like the weekend has just begun, but the truth is it's over.


I need to go into Rock Star mode between now and New Years. There isn't a break in sight. Next weekend we've got the surf house at Ke`iki. Weekend after is my Haulani's house party, my garden party [and if you're a reader, and in Honololulu, and haven't gotten an invite, drop me a line ... it'll be big], and Robin's graduation. The weekend after I have relatives in town, and then it's Christmas, and then New Years. Madame Lim is making noise about doing LA. We'll see. If I can budget it might be nice to have another lost West Hollywood weekend.

It'll be crazy, but I'm happy with it. I needed to sacrifice this weekend to cleaning ... I know that ... 'cause it really is non-stop from now until Jan 1.

Pics to come, tomorrow. If I write it then I'll have to do it.

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