Thursday, August 14, 2008

Foretaste of Kona

We had five boats in the water tonight - it looks like we might have a women's crew after all! My crew was Victor, Alex, Eli, Me,open, and Hala. It sounded like a superstar line-up, but we struggled. I'm not sure why. Eli thinks that Victor has a unique stroke, that he hits before you're expecting him to. That's a good thing, but we're not used to it and we spent the time trying to keep pace.

We juggled a bit and tried Victor, Eli, Hala, MC, with Alex steering. And we flew - the canoe seemed to fly off the waves. And that's pretty close to our Kona lineup (Victor, Eli, Phil, MC, Rudy, Alex). We should do well!

Roz will name crew tomorrow for this weekend's race. I think the four of us are in, but can't be sure. Hope so.

Now, though, I need to grab a nap. I am so incredibly tired, and was aiming to call in sick all week at work, for at least half a day, but there just wasn't the time. Dan gets in in an hour, so that's time enough for a quick refresher! Lucky thing tomorrow is a holiday.

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