Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kahanamoku 08

We have a solid crew for tomorrow: Victor, Eli, Rudy, Lance, Hala, Phil, Alex, Rod, and myself. Conditions might be rough, but we should be competitive.

I had hoped to join Dan and his mom on their circle-island drive today, but had a rare rational moment and backed out. It's a good thing, as we didn't finish rigging the boats until 2:30. I got in an hour nap, and a fair amount of eating, into the rest of the day. Did my prep work, and picked up all my gels and liquids. I still need to do some pre stretching, and do one more round of carb-loading. I'd be dying if I had joined them & still had to do all this tonight. I needed the rest, too - I've been fighting off that stupid cold that's been going around.

Had a busy day yesterday, and got to spend a fair amount of time with Dan. We went surfing in the morning, and Dan managed to catch one really solid wave - his first one ever! Had a lot of shorter rides after that. In the afternoon we went to Chinatown, then to the Nu`uanu Pali. Evening it was Waikiki Nei, which Peter has really punched up a lot. The result is spectacular; it should have a solid run. After it was a round of mai tai's at the Moana, then a seemingly long run of shopping. We had planned dinner tonight, but it's already to late for me ... so hopefully I get to see them again tomorrow before they leave.

Back to the race: last year it took us 4 hrs 18 minutes, in six segments, with rough conditions. Three of us were first-year Novice B (Lance, Chris, myself) and no second-year Novice A. This year we have four Novice A (Eli, Lance, Phil, mself) and the rest are more experienced. Should be a good run.

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