Monday, August 11, 2008

Ghosts of Xmas Past (and Future?)

The Brazilian (circa 2001) has been in town for a week with his hot sexy new boyfriend, and I forgot all about them. Literally. We met for a drink last week, and though he still looks hot I just didn't have the patience for the drama and the flakiness. I had a drink, tried to be social to the pretty attachment, and left.

And then, quite literally, forgot that he was in town until Friday afternoon.

It's either early senility or a sure sign that I am over this.

Saturday I got a call from the Drill Instructor (circa 2002). Doh. Forgot that he was in town too, and has been for ten days.

Talk about moving on. I've gone from mooning over past affairs to forgetting their very existence. For me, this is progress.

I can blame paddling, in part. Now that distance season is in full swing my mind and body have switched gears. When I'm on the water all that exists is the va`a and the six of us in the crew. My life on land is sometimes just a prep for my life on the water.

I'm not totally dissing my friends. Dan is in town with his mother, and I spent Sunday afternoon with them before putting them on the Superferry. They come back to O`ahu Thursday, and I'm looking forward to spending as much time as I can with them. I really like his mom, and Dan is cool as hell, so this'll be a good thing. Too bad he lives in New York.

Labor Day weekend I'll head to Puna to visit Dave, then I'll be dragging him across the island to Kona for the Queen Lili`uolalani Race. I've rented a 3 BR condo with a bunch of the wahine, and the weekend should be a complete blast.

And I'm still doing a half-assed job of staying in touch with friends on island, and though I could do better at least their still in my thoughts.

But I just don't have enough brain cells left, or enough time in the day, to worry too much about the flakes.

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