Monday, August 11, 2008

Meteors and Rain

Now it rains. We're in a frakkin' drought, my garden needs the rain, the islands need the rain, we all need rain ... I just wish it wasn't tonight. An hour ago we had light cloud cover, and could see the stars and moon clearly.

In ninety minutes I'm supposed to meet a group at Hula's to take them to Makapu`u lighthouse for a night hike to watch the Perseids. We had about fifteen guys ready to go, plus a handful of 'maybes.' I was looking forward to it. I took a nap afterwork and everything. And woke up to the gentle sound of falling rain.

I'll play it by ear, I guess.


10 pm - The rain seems to be drifting west. We're heading east. I just talked to Tom, and he's still game, so there are at least two of us. That's all I need.


Three Brazilians walk into a bar. I walk out.

If only it were that easy. These guys have some kind of preternatural gift for skewing the best laid plans.

11pm, and Jake and Tom are en route to Makapu`u, and Kristine will meet us out there. Everyone else has decided to stay home. They all had to process first, though: Should I go? It's up to you. Do you think it will rain? I don't know. Chance 'em. Will we even see anything? I don't know. It's an adventure. You just go, and see what happens. Not everyone seems to understand that adventures, by definition, don't have guaranteed outcomes. Sometimes you get wet.

I decide to swing by Hulas to see if there are any surprise visitors. Paulo while I'm on the road, and he and Tanea are coming and can I wait for them it will only be ten minutes? Sure. I'm surprised - I really didn't think he'd make it.

I walk into Hula's. I see Paulo's boyfriend sitting at the corner of the bar with an old man pressing into his space and buying him drinks. And I can see the future. I can name this drama in three notes. I head out, and wait in the lobby.

Twenty minutes. No Paulo. No Tanea. I'm late, for the hike I organized. Frakkin amazing. I hit the road.


We lucked out. There was no rain at all on the east side. There were a lot of clouds, and I misjudged where the moon would set, but we still managed to see about half a dozen shotting stars each in the breaks in the clouds. And it was fun just being out there at night, meteors or no. And after bad mouthing them a bit, I was pleasantly surprised when Paulo and Tanea really did show up around 1am.

And in the end six was just about the right number for the night.

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tom-A-hawk said...

was good fun - you had to love the brazilians' arrival: tanea ascending to the lookout in her white dress, clutch + strappy sandals, a greek goddess appearing at the top of a mountain in the middle of the night, with shirtless paulo in tow like her attending athlete ... perfectly surreal - i had great dreams that night. thanx mc!