Friday, August 22, 2008

SNS Ghosts

I have zombie profiles all over the web, and I don't know how to kill them. Classmates and Hi5 and Friendster and Plaxo keep reminding me that they miss me and don't I want to come back and see who has said hello? I don't even know what Hi5 is. I tried doing a MySpace page once, but got irritated after five minutes and never went back. My page is still out there, lost. I wonder if it is in an actual place, if there is an actual physical serverin some back corner of North Dakota with a few lines of code devoted to me.

Facebook is fun. I found some old circuit brothers, can drop notes to other paddlers before and after a race, and keep up with my relatives. I discovered I have a cousin named Øyvind Gletne, and that alone was worth the effort.

I want an Ø in my name.

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