Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Batanga Dance

I just added a link on the right to Batanga internet radio. I've been listening to the dance remix station all day at work, and it's pretty cool.

I was inspired after Hollis called this morning confirming that he got the time off to head to México this November. We'll definitely be in Puerto Vallarta for Thanksgiving; I'm lobbying to start with a few days in Guadalajara then take a road trip to PV. We'll see - we've got plenty of time to decide. It's time to finally start learning Spanish.

Now I just need to convince someone to travel to Palm Springs with me for White Party. Once upon a time - when I couldn't afford to go - dozens of men from Honolulu would be there. And this year, when I have the time and money? None. So many bought into the Real Estate hype and bought expensive condos, and they are now all slaves to the bank.

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