Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bev Harbin - Honolulu's very own mentally challenged representative.

Ms. Harbin was appointed to a vacant seat by our governor. Hell if anyone knows why. I challenge anyone to find me a dumber politician. This is taken directly from her blog. I have not edited it in the least [I found the link on Poinography!].

You may be aware of the brouhaha over my attempts to resign from House committees to which I have been assigned.

My first duty is to represent the people of Honolulu’s Downtown, Chinatown, Iwilei, Keeaumoku-Sheridan, Kakaako and our harbors.

My second duty is to champion the interests of the small-business community in the state legislature - the primary reason I was appointed to this seat.

Four of the committees to which I have been appointed, without my consent or even my prior awareness, are beyond my experience and expertise: Education (the public schools), Higher Education (the UH system), Energy Environment Protection and Hawaiian Affairs.

I have, therefore, resigned from those committees in order to devote my time and energy to the committees and exigencies that relate to the people I represent and to the areas in which I do have experience and expertise. I have been told that representatives may not resign from committees to which they have been assigned. As of this posting, the issue remains unresolved.

I regret that my reluctance to serve on committees for which many high-school students are more qualified than I am is perceived or portrayed as a shirking of duty.

I remain willing to take the blows and devote my energy and time to the needs of my constituents and the small-business community.

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