Saturday, March 25, 2006

Swamp Pigs

I just posted pictures from the Swamp Romp, a 4.5 mile obstacle course the Marine's organize at Kane`ohe Bay MCB. I just took photos this year, but I might actually train to do it next year. I haven't run since 1994 [and then I was being chased through the jungle by a Mentawai tribesman ... but that's another story], but for this ... to be able to romp through the mud with a bunch of Marines on my tail ... for this, I would run.

It was hella sexy. Testosterone and mud are a brilliant combination. Chi Chi LaRue and Kristen Bjorn and pretty much everyone else has it wrong when it comes to what's hot. See the photo album if you have any doubts. I took plenty of pictures of our guys ... but even more gratuitous shots of sweaty marines. When the teams had to join hands and cross the finish line I had a vision of heaven.

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