Wednesday, March 15, 2006


And it turned out to be a quiet night. It barely rained in Honolulu, although the media kept warning us of the Impending Catastrophe and the Trail of Devastation on Kaua`i.

Which ... ok. People died. The dam break was a tragedy. We're still looking into whether it was part of a natural process, or anthrogenic. But: it did not cut a Swath of Destruction Through the Heart of the North Shore. It's as if Chicken Little were writing the evening copy.

So - no rain yet, and another day of grey skies.


Alastair said...

Chicken Little just got the place wrong. You were meant to be in North Queensland, MC.

Michael C said...

You just had to do it bigger, better, and with more drama, didn't you all? Our state is still traumatized over one reservoir break in a remote area. Hopefully they read the papers this morning and put things in a bit more perspective.