Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Randomness: From Comrade MC

There are just too many good things in my in-box this morning. This is something our state put out to assist Hawaiians wanting to do business in Red China. I found it on Poinography, a local political blog.

China Business Dos and Don'ts

State materials on the China trade mission include the following tips for Hawaii business people meeting prospective Chinese partners.

» Negative replies are considered impolite. Instead of saying "no," answer "maybe," "I'll think about it," or "We'll see."

» If the subject of Taiwan comes up, never refer to it as the "Republic of China" or "Nationalist China."

» Unless you're a communist, never refer to someone as "comrade."

» The Chinese will decline a gift three times before finally accepting. You will have to continue to insist.

» Do not wrap gifts in yellow paper with black writing. These colors are for gifts offered to the dead.

» Empirical evidence and objective facts are accepted only if they jibe with the Communist Party line.

» Do not put your hands in your mouth. It is considered vulgar.

» Avoid unusual facial expressions.

Source: State of Hawaii

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