Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Busy Days

I complain that nothing ever happens in this town, and yet I've been keeping busy. Last week the gang bid farewell to Ian, once at Indigo's and once at a his house. Saw A Little Night Music at Manoa Theater with Ron. It was ... kitschy. That's strike three for me with that theater. The cast could sing, but only two of them could act [luckily, one was the friend we had gone to see]. I know it's community theater, but still: the audience laughed during one of the character's suicide scene. They thought it was a comedy.

Spent last weekend on the Big Island with L. His partner R. is quite sick and is back in LA. He's been ick for a year, but I had no idea - they pretty much kept it to themselves. Which I understand, as I'm sure I'd do the same. It was still a shock to learn that a friend is seriously ill, possibly terminally ill. So while it was good to see L. again, I'm worried about R.

The biggest excitement, though? I'll be joining the NYC boys for One Mighty Weekend in Orlando this June. I'd been whingeing about how no one would go to Palm Springs with me for White Party. Now, I'd heard that WP was past it's prime. I've been to Sanker events before and found them ok but not ground-shaking. But I'd never been and wanted to go.

My buddy Drew was having similar problems trying to round up a roommate / dance partner for Gay Days in Orlando. And I checked the calendar, tweaked some vacation days, and voila! - I found the time, and will be on my merry way.

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