Sunday, July 22, 2007


Still recovering from the Love Festival here. From the whole day, really.

I picked up Scott A & we headed to Ke`ehi around 9am. Our crew did ok. We had a new line-up (X and Y are on vacation, although in public they are both on separate 'work trips' on separate continents), so it was Kapena in stroke, Chris in 2 (just back from Tahiti, and it's only our second race with him in the wa`a), Phil, Scott, Me, and Eli. We never did get that amazing glide that we only seem to get on long runs during practice, and I know Eli was pretty frustrated. Still, the gap between us and the big boys was closer than other, and we creamed Lokahi, so I feel good about it. We had one of our better times.

I wanted to stay for the Pa`ina, but by 4:30 I was beat and there were still plenty of races to go. I snuck out. Got home, took a quick nap, and then turned around to pick up Dave L and Dave C. Headed to Quinn's place in Makakilo for cocktails, then hit the waterpark.

And what a night that was! The crowd was young, and endlessly interesting. It's cool to see rave culture still going strong after so many decades. G-Spot and Ikon, both local, opened with a pretty solid set. It was different than the music I was used to, but it was good & got the crowd moving. And then this ... Q-Bert thing ... took over the turntables, and gave us two hours of scratching. It was painful. Horribly, awfully, painful. We kept thinking his set was ending ... and then he'd scratch some more. We took off for a side stage, and discovered AMFM Alexander. Never heard of him, but I think he played one of the more fun sets of the night. Too bad there were only a dozen or so of us dancing there. His music was fun and upbeat, and the kind that was geared towards interaction. Dave L and I danced there for awhile, then headed back to the mainstage. Swedish Egil was on, and he was amazing. It was full peak-hour on the dancefloor music. The Circuit would love him.

Then the headliner came on, Christopher Alexander, number four dj in the world. And ... eh. He was good, but his music was kind of simple, and after a couple hours we started to fade. He kept us going for close to 90 minutes, maybe 2 hours (who can tell time at these things?) - so that's pretty solid - but it's hard not to compare him to a Manny Lehman or a DJ Paulo who can keep the energy up 'til dawn.

Quinn bagged early when his friend got sick. Poor guy (Quinn, that is - the friend was an idiot who dropped 3 ecstacy & promptly collapsed.). We all left around 3:30. Debated doing after-hours, but ... it had been a full day. Came home, unwound for an hour, then collapsed into bed as the sun was coming up.

It feels good. I haven't done this since last July. It was a fun crowd, there was a small representation from the gay world, and a few of our crew finally showed up.

And today is all about recovery. And laundr, and doing dishes, and cleaning my place again.

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