Friday, July 27, 2007


We officially started distance practice this week, and everything feels like it's getting jacked up one more level. Tuesday was long runs, and it felt good. I know I'm getting in shape, as these would have killed me a few months ago. And Thursday we had an escort boat so we could practice ocean changes.

Roz and Lorna had told us we were, but I blocked it out & didn't remember until practice started and I saw the boat. I saved myself a good dose of stress and anxiety there. Changes are basically this: three guys dive out of the escort boat, and tread water while the canoe approaches. They line up with the canoe, and as it barrels down at them three guys toss themselves over the right side while the three in the water try jump up and in on the left. Ideally the canoe doesn't lose any speed.

You name it, I was apprehensive about it. I was running on pure adrenalin and nerves Thursday. I didn't fuck up too badly, but I was far from graceful. I was diving in the canoe head first, slipping and belly flopping off the escort boat, doing flips trying to smoothly roll out of the canoe ... and I have the bruises and bumps to show for it.

It was pretty much pure stimulation, and I think I'm still flying a bit from it 24 hours on.

Roz has been helping me develop a better work-out routine. The plan is to add a day of spin class (if I can - the spin instructor at 24-hour, Leanne, is some kind of rock-star and people line up for hours to get a seat. My only hope is to make the 6am class), and another round of some type of aerobics on Sunday. I'm thinking trail running. I bought the shoes already, after all. I'll keep a day of yoga, limit weights to once per week, and add a day once in awhile of one-man canoe runs.

Hopefully I'll get up early and do my one-man run tomorrow. Us novices have been told to do a run up the Ala Wai to the library and back, which is about 3.5 miles (sez Google Earth). And: no way am I doing that. When Scott, Kapena, and I went out I huli'd about every ten minutes. That's fine in the ocean, but not in that frakkin' sewage outfall we call a canal. I am not going under that. I'll do an ocean run with the big boys, and tell the coaches after.

Roz also had me start a food log, and that has been a rude shock for me. I just ran the numbers, and they aren't pretty. I've been getting close to 50% of my calories from fat, and around 30% from carbs. This has to change.

I ran some numbers (I'm only partially geeking out now ... I'm not even going to try and go into types of fat and carbs and sugars ... this is anal enough as it is), and I got this:

Base Metabolic Rate for men:
BRM = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) - (6.8 x age in years) = 1889
BRM * 1.725 for highly active men = 3258

So that's 3258 calories a day for me. I'm rarely close, which explains why I am ravenous 90% of the time.

Breaking that down into a training diet with 25% protein, 60% carbs, and 15% fat, and I get a goal of 200g protein, 500g carbs, and 55g fat per day.

That will take some effort.

I need to work in beer into this before I leave for Ireland. The training tables say you can sub 5% of your carbs with alcohol while training. I'll run the numbers before I leave, and then - of course - apply them if I'm in the mood.

Not sure how I'll do training while in Ireland. I need to keep some of this up, or I'll be too far behind afterwards. Hopefully bog jumping counts towards something.


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loki said...

hmmm...5% of carb calories for alcohol. better make it 50%, it's your brothers you're talking about!!!
- jeff