Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Demon Cadiza

I finally snapped and told the gang upstairs to shut up. I really had planned on being nice and quiet about it, but what came out of my mouth at full blast wasn't excuse me could you keep it down thank-you, but Keep it down it's been four nights and I'm tired of it already!

It worked.

Only it turns out that Les and Jen & co. aren't as lame as I thought. They're just poorly written. If I got it right, Les needs to break up with Jen because the demons are eating his soul and telling him to murder her. U. is the demon queen Cadiza. "Lady Catherine" (that's her name, not me being catty) and some director I've never heard of has been filming an independent horror movie upstairs. Soul Savior. You heard it here first.

This explains the endlessly repetitive dialogue. If I had a higher opinion of people I might have figured this out on my own, rather than simply thinking damn these people suck. Lucky they think it's the other neighbors that yelled at `em.

And it's really good I found out, as I woke up and found that three of my koi had died. My first thoughts were, it's that psychotic Les upstairs. Guess not.

Although it still might be Lady Catherine, mad because I interrupted the filming of her Buffy sequel.

I need to clean the pond, just totally empty it out, but Hau caught me & will insist that I save every single one of the ten thousand guppies swimming in there. It will take forever, and I still need to pack for Ireland today. I'm hiding inside, hoping that she'll have to go to work & I can get to work on a guppy massacre.

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