Monday, July 09, 2007


Our canoe placed fifth in this past race at Ma`ili. We had the normal line-up (Scott, Kapena, Scott A, Me, Phil, Eli), and set our best time at 4:12. Still wasn't enough - the top canoes all came in under four minutes. I think we've been fifth almost every race we've been in. It seems to be our spot.

I'm still sore from Saturday. I got to the park at 5:59, and barely had time to put my bags down before Roz had us off on a 1.25-mile sprint. I finished in 11 minutes, but it hurts bad. I figure this is the fifth time I've run over a mile since 1985 - and that includes the three runs I've had to do with the Yacht Club. The other two times I was trying to escape from predators (a gang in DC, and a cannibal in Sumatra ... and I really wish I had photos of that last incident). In other words, I don't run. I was stressing about having to run with the team, and managed to avoid two of the longer runs.

So my quads feel like they've been smacked hard with a 2x4. I walk with a limp. All this for the team.

Camped out at Ma`ili Saturday, then raced Sunday, barbecued the rest of the afternoon, and pretty much passed out by 10pm last night.

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