Friday, September 14, 2007

Board Aftermath

The Divas performed as expected last night. They started off with high drama, complaining of yesterday's Blue Angel show, telling the police that they were cowering in fear in their Gold Coast apartments as the planes flew by.

The ever reliable Michelle Matson even made it into the papers with this:
Having the military put on such a spectacular event is I'm sure good for business and the tourist industry and recruiting, but you also have people living here and trying to cope without feeling as if their lives are threatened.

It was horrendous. It was a nightmare. It was, for most of us: nonsense. I mean, really: we're a working class neighborhood with one very wealthy section - and yet the multi-millionaires in that section always want empathy from the rest of us on how they're just trying to cope.

The divas ended the night with an awkward and aborted attempted coup against the Recording Secretary. It was childish, and almost painful to be part of.

Nothing of import happened the rest of the night. Djou's representative continued to pander to the Board, and regaled us with Shocking Tales! of financial mismanagement in the city. People complained about their neighbors' parking habits, leading me to wonder if our political system doesn't over-empower the whiners and complainers. A 13-year old kid advocated for a skate-park, and everyone on the Board voted to support him. He left with a big smile on his face, and I'm so glad he left before the nastiness started. I think that supporting the skate park was the only substantive vote we took all night.

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