Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Photo Recap: Ireland

And with this I'm caught up!
Complete set at photobucket.

The landscape was covered in wildflowers. We picked the right time of year.Rock walls. I think the Druids must've started partioning Ireland, and every succeeding generation has kept it up. The whole county seemed to be subdivided by rock walls.St. Francis and the friary at Ennis.
Ecce HomoThe Cains storm a ring fort on the Burren
Bog jumpers.
The beginning of the Burren Way. Dad, Jeff, and I spent a day hiking it from Ballyvaughan back to Oughtdarra.
Poulnabrone, a neolithic protal tomb from c. 3800 bce.
Climbing into the Burren on Ireland's first sunny day in 8 weeks
Rest stop on the Burren
Gaelic wrestling was a nightly ritual.
(Note: Sources report that Tim was actually trying to smother a fire in this photo. It is apparently not a Gealic beatdown afterall. You hear that, girls? Uncle Tim saved your Daddy's life!)

We thought the Church was abandoned until we went inside and saw the gravestones.
Celtic crosses in a country graveyard
Outside McGann's Pub in Roadford. Which everyone calls Doolin, but it ain't Doolin.
Ballyinlacken Tower House. The houses were built vertically as a defense against Vikings, Anglos, Normans, and other people who were mean to the Irish. There was a sign that said No Trespassing.
We didn't pay much attention to the sign.
Musicians at McDermots. This was in Doolin.
(oops ... I guess the pic is really of Gus O'Connors)

Our cottage in Oughtdarra. Population: eight. Including the eight of us. Plus four bulls
Dad on the bow of the ship going to Inis MórDid you know the Irish were Catholic?
Ruins on Inis Meáin
Monument to the Famine in Dublin
Merrion Square in Dublin. The urban parks were fantastic, and possible my favorite part of the city.

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loki said...

hey mikey...i think that pic of mcdermot's was actually taken at gus o'connors (which IS in doolin)