Friday, September 21, 2007

A Jihad for Love

... keep in mind that I'm a non-believer who considers it hubris for any man to claim an exclusive knowledge of Truth ...

There are a handful of internet forums I pop in and out of - Television without Pity to dissect the latest reality shows, Tribe for the cooking timps and recipe exchanges, Thorn Tree for my wanderlust, and Queerty to keep up with the gay world at large.

The last one has been getting ugly of late. There's tons of hatred and unalloyed racism coming out of the site. Not from the moderators; I've talked with them via email, and they're decent - this is all coming from the other posters. I used to think that gay people might be more enlightened, more aware of the dynamics of bigotry and hate. These days I'm not so sure. Too many of our brothers have used the hate flowing in our direction as a template upon which to base their own hate of others.

The latest attacks are coming from this creature. He's the "artist" who burned a Qu`ran given to him by the Queen of Jordan.

Queerty had a posting on A Jihad for Love (left), a documentary on gay muslims in twelve different countries. It looks like an important film.

The artist was having none of it. His words, verbatim:
Why are their no Gay muslims at any gay pride march?? Bunch of cowards? There is no gay liberation in the Muslim community. This film is propaganda and wishful thinking, like a travel brochure. Michael Lucas is the voice of reason and judges Islam for what it is, out to take over the world and destroy those who do not take up the words of Mohammed and the Koran. 9/11 happened because of Mohammed, and his words that said Infidels should be put in a pile and burned. Wake up. Read Carmen Bin Laden’s book. You will see the real purpose of Islam.
You'd think I'd know enough by now not to feed the trolls. I'm still torn on when it's best to let things slide, and when it's best to confront. These days I'm leaning towards confrontation. Too many crimes are committed when we're silent. My rebuttal, in it's entirety:
Here we go again.
1. I’ve seen gay muslims at every Pride event I’ve been to.
2. There are gay rights movements in Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon, and - shockingly - Iraq.
It seems so simple, but that's all it took for the artist to aim his bile in my direction.

Now I've had significant debates with people on Queerty. The only time it's gotten personal is when I've written some variation on not all black folk are homophobic or not all Muslims are terrorists. And every single time I do, the OP comes back cussing and spitting and making personal attacks.

And the attacks come, without fail, from atheists who claim that religion is the root of all hate. They hate Muslims because Islam hates us, or they hate black people because all Black churches are homophobic. They hate with a greater passion than those religious people they accuse of being full of hate do.

Not a one ever sees the irony.

Some of you are giving the rest of us infidels a bad name. I can not-believe, and be aware of history's crimes, and yet still respect the art, poetry, and beauty behind religion. I am aware of the crimes committed in all the names of god. And it's my belief that these arise from someplace dark and imperfect inside, and not from some external book. I cannot think of a single civilization that has not committed great crimes.

It's easier for me to respect the misogynist who hates everyone than these selective-haters who nurture and hone their anger at a few chosen groups.