Friday, September 14, 2007

Henry Ayau Crews

Roz posted the crews for Sunday a few minutes ago. As usual, I look for meaning in the line-up. As usual, it's all over my head.

Orange -
Ke Kani Ilau
Blue -
dave ramos
eli chris
rudy aweau
kekoa shaun
rod mc
kapena phil
winters jake
scott reid

We'll rig tomorrow, then take the wa`a out for a practice run. Later I need to do some laundry, dishes, and work on the fishponds again. Afternoon I'll meet Roy to watch the Blue Angels. Carbo load for dinner, and in bed by 8. Funny how the whole weekend is already laid out for me.

Conditions look ok. I don't know these waters, so not sure what to look for. The trades should be picking up, and there'll be one south swell on the way out and another one possibly coming in. And is this all good, or bad? I hear mixed things. The only constant is that the Henry Ayau will be long and hot. We'll find out the rest Sunday.

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