Monday, September 03, 2007

Photo Recap: Amman and `Aqaba

I'm close to getting all my photos up! Photobucket is being difficult right now, so there's still a backlog.

Amman was not a walkable city. I know. I tried to walk it ... before I realized that taxis across town cost about $1 US.
Fashion in the old city.
The Roman theater, with the Temple of Hercules on the hill behind.
Christian mosaics from Madaba. The bird in the cage represents the soul trapped in the body.
Shadow puppets in the 1800's featured such exotic characters as these "English ladies."
Veiled women enjoying the Red Sea.
Billy catching a tan.
Red Sea beach boys carry submachine guns.
South of el`Aqaba. Egypt is across the water on the left, Israel on the right.
More fashion from the old quarter.

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