Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Photo Redux: Petra

Petra - the Nabatean city carved out of the mountain - was amazing. Billy and I both left our cameras at the hotel the first day, so these are the highlightsl from the second day. I'll put the complete set at photobucket later this week.

The view from our guesthouse in Wadi Musa
The road from Wadi Musa to Petra
We take Wadi Muthlin in, an alternative entrance to Petra.
Parts of the wadi had small niches for the old gods.
Inside one of the cave houses. The colors everywhere were extraordinary.
Outside the ruins of the Great TempleThe path up the mountain to al-DeirThe al-Deir facade, on a mountain above the City. From the 1st Century, possibly dedicated to the cult of Obodas I.
The lion triclinium en route to al-Deir. Note the Medusa on the upper left, and the lion to the right.Lions were associated with the goddess al-UzzaSiestaThe street of facades
Boys and their donkeysmmmOutside al-Khaznehal Khazneh, built by King Aretas in the first century.al -Uzza, the great goddess of PetraThe narrow siq, Petra's main entrance.
Chariots racing home at the end of the day
The aquaducts were once protected by carved statues
The Romans paved part of the road into the siq

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