Monday, September 24, 2007

Electric Yoga

Loren, my yoga instructor, just got back from studying in LA. I asked if he had learned anything new to teach us. Nah, he said. His teacher focused a lot on vinyasa, and he would work more of that in, but he didn't have a lot that was new.

Then he tossed in the CD and pumped out the jams.

OK now, I'm not that experienced, so I don't know all the different styles. Loren's old style was more gentle and slow, the find your own perfect pose and shoot out your heart energy kind. If he was out 24-Hour would give us substitutes, mostly buff women who viewed yoga as an advanced cardio work-out. All of them relied on slow, moody, Deep Forest tunes that left my circuit-soul craving for a touch of bass. Still, the stretching was a great counter-part to paddling.

Today Loren gave us the bass. The first thirty minutes were fast, closer to dance than anything I'd done before. He slowed down in the latter half, when we were all sweat soaked and exhausted. My monkey mind was finally empty, as it should be. When we said our final namaste- a longer one than ever before, and which he prefaced with a quote on love - the class seemed silent, almost dazed.

I loved it. And I let him know. He said he'll be bringing more of that energy into the class. I think the man has just hit his stride. His classes have never been well attended, but I think that's about to change once word of the new Loren gets out.

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