Sunday, March 04, 2007

Death of the Circuit

I got the email a couple days ago that Roxy in New York was closing. I didn't even care for the club that much. The shocking thing about it is - it's the last one. There will be no more major gay clubs in Manhattan. I'm not sure how this can be. It's bad enough that Honolulu doesn't have anything ... but New York???

And now Honolulu doesn't even have any rotating events. Derek's thing doesn't seem to be getting off the ground. I don't know anyone who went to the last one. And Volcano promises to be an embarrassment. This one pisses me off, because we really could have done something special - but those of us with ideas, contacts, and the willingness to commit the time and energy were shut out of the decision making process time and time again. It hurts knowing what we could have had & knowing what we will have [Saturday night at Hula's, with a high cover, and Sunday night event downtown at Next Door. Which is a cool club, but not on a Sunday on a non-holiday weekend, not at a club that closes at 2].

I talked Volcano up a lot last June at Gay Days, telling people how we had a solid group this year & were determined to bring the event back, and to make our mark. What I didn't know then was that the problems in years past were at the top. So now I'm getting emails from folks wondering what's going on. And all I can say is, Honolulu is set to embarrass herself. Again.

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