Wednesday, March 21, 2007


2 am and I'm all packed - 24 hours early! Sure I have a few more things to do . Somehow I lost my camera battery, and I still need to pick up a small alarm clock and a flashlight (though maybe it would be cool to pick up that over there!), and I could clean the room tomorrow. But all in all, I have never in my life been this packed so early on.

Partly, I had to know if I could fit everything into two carry-ons - and baby, I did. The key was to roll everything together - so I have a roll with three jeans in it, a roll with dress shirts, etc. It saves space, and things don't wrinkle.

I still I had to limit myself in a few places. I'm down to one book (Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie), my toiletries are all three ounces or less, and I have a 3-ring binder filled with information I printed from online instead of a Lonely Planet or any other guidebook. I'll definitely have to do laundry once or twice - I packed detergent so I could do it in the room.

But for all that, I've got a few splurges. Three jeans, plus one on the plane, is a bit much (I opted out of bringing leather. I could have cut down on the shirts. And I'm bringing both cowboy boots and trail-running shoes - I gotta look good, even if I am a budget traveler!

I was awake anyways from an abscess. I tried to sleep at 9pm - and even took an ambien - but it went from painful to goddamn this fuckin' hurts bad pretty quickly. I left a messed up message with my dentist begging him to lance it first thing in the morning, and then I decided I couldn't wait until morning - that I'd either have to lance it myself or go to ER.

Every website warned against doing it yourself. My take? People have been operating on themselves since the beginning of time. Who am I to break tradition? Besides, I used to date a doctor. Some of that must have rubbed off. I grabbed a martini skewer (it was the sharpest thing I could find), sterilized it, gargled ... and lanced.


I lanced again. And again, nothing. I went to lie down, and damn it it didn't start to swell up more.

The best option the internet could offer was to wait it out, and gargle with salt water. I went one better - I filled my mouth with salt water and kept it there while I started packing. And somehow, it worked and the abscess drained. No more pain, except for the puncture wounds.

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Anonymous said...

Were you drinking Water out of the Ala Wai Again? AH