Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Fast, Day 2: Morning

I made a soup last night. It was nothing special - 6 chopped tomatoes, half a chopped onion, a couple chopped potatoes, a clove of sliced garlic, parsley and basil from the garden, a few slices of ginger, and a bit of pepper, fenugreek, mustard seed, and asafeotida.

Which, the way I cook, qualifies as simple. My first bite I thought: Hell no. I've cooked hippy food. But after a few more bites I started to seriously enjoy it. I ate two small bowls - at the table, not in front of the tv - and actually felt full. Or, if not full, sated. And I went to bed feeling good, and woke up feeling fine.

I think I made the right choice by switching to a less dogmatic fast. It still takes discipline, it's still reduced calorie, and it's still breaking bad habits. On the plus side, I'm not obsessing over everything I can't have or how much I'm suffering, and what I do eat I eat with much more consciousness.

I debated on whether to make coffee this morning. I decided against it, though I'd absolutely love some. In The Devil's Playground an Amish man talks about their relationship to technology. He said it was a misconception that the Amish reject technology. They don't. Rather, they ask of everything new: How will this affect community? If they feel that the technology will divide and isolate people [cars] they reject it. If they feel that it will make life easier and not harm people, they accept it [washing machines].

I'll do the same with food during this. When I have a question [is coffee ok on a fast?], instead of turning to the internet for a list of rules, I'll ask myself: how will this affect the goals of simplicity, discipline, moderation, and consciousness? [I drink coffee in excess .... so ... no go, no can have, sorry bro].

And yeah, yeah, yeah, there's still the other goals: youthful skin and a thin waist. I'm still hoping these are by-products, both for my own ego & so that I'll have a strong rebuttal against the more pharisaic [told you I'd make this worked mine] new-agers in town.

And on that note ... my waist is 35" this morning. I'm not sure how I could drop an inch and a half in a day. It doesn't really make sense. But I'll take it.

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