Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Fast: Day 6

This is starting to feel normal now, which is a surprise. The routine I've settled into is,

pre-sunrise: slices of tomato & cucumber, some olives, sourdough bread. And a cup of coffee.

daytime: that lemonade/cayenne stuff, variations include lemon or lime juice; guava syrup [surprisingly tasteless], honey [the most normal tasting], molasses [nasty], or maple syrup [the 'official' drink of the purging masses]. Coffee in the morning and post (everyone else's) lunchtime.

post -sunset: vegetable soup with rice & bulgur [how hippy], more bread, olives, whatever fruit I have [oranges, pomegranate], some cashews if I get hungry later.

It's not too hard at this point. I get hungry around noon, and then again around four. It passes. I'm definitley a lot calmer, and I'm getting more sleep. I'm still biking to work, but I can't imagine going to the gym. My abs are back in spades [yeay! Welcome back!] though my wasit hasn't shrunk that much. My skin looks a lot cleaner to me, and I'm much calmer. Maybe I don't have the energy to spaz. I'm at 189, and will get my body fat measured at 24 tomorrow. But it's hard to tell if some of the benefits are from getting much more sleep & drinking a fourth as much coffee as I usually do. Or maybe a fifth as much ... I was guzzling the stuff.

Ont he flip side, I still have a bit of love handles, I don't have the enrgy to go to the gym, and I know I've lost a bit of muscle mass.

And from the world? Sharlene [the clerk at work] announced that I didn't look one bit healthier. Merlin said the results were hot and I should keep going. Tiger said I was looking runty.

So there you go. This was definitely an excellent break from routine. It will be easier to add better foods now than it would have been to take them away before. I'm actually liking the vegetable soup! I'll work on a lentil soup like I had in Turkey, and I could be happy with this for a lot of meals. I could even see being partially vegetarian.

I could actually keep this up if I add an egg and yogurt in the morning [making it an official Turkish breakfast!], lentils and a veggie salad for lunch, something carbo pre-gym, and then meat at night.

But if I do it again, this cayenne lemonade shit has to go. It's like diabetes in a bottle.

Next up? I break the fast tomorrow evening. The guys are getting together at Chiko's for Jakes 6th 40th birthday. Since I refuse to be a food nazi ... beer, mochiko chicken, and sizzling steak here I come!

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