Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fast: Day 3, morning

I'm definitely getting enough sleep on this thing. I made the right choice in eating dinner. I skipped all the flushing yesterday, but decided I'd give it another try today. So ... here I am ... 8 ounces down, 8 ounces to go ... and waiting for it to hit.

It was nice doing nothing yesterday. I woke up at 11, listened to all the messages from people claiming that I'm ignoring them, turned my phone off again, and went to the beach. Did some laps at Kaimana, which was harder than it should've been. Later called Hollis. We haven't talked since the incident in Mexico. It was good to reconnect, and good to get his side of the story. We had had our conflict, but what I missed out on was Rogelio breaking into his room all night long afterwards begging to be fucked. Which - since he was doing that in the kitchen one night when I was trying to make dinner [and I could've stabbed the boy], I can picture. So: yeay! It's Ro's fault!

And that was that. I finished watching the Garden of the Finzi-Continis, about an upper class Jewish family in Ferrara who retreats from the world as fascism approaches. It was a beautiful and haunting movie, but made for a long night. My senna-dreams were all strange combinations of La Dolce Vita and the Holocaust.

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