Wednesday, March 14, 2007


And we're off! I started paddling practice yesterday with the Waikiki Yacht Club (that's them on the left), part of the Hui Wa`a association. I was nervous going into it - I didn't really know what to expect, though I know quite a few guys on the team already.

I survived the first practice alright. I'm not so nervous now - I know more or less what to expect form here on out. And what to expect is: I'm gonna die. I'll look good en route at least. This work out schedule looks hard! It's three days a week of two-hour team workouts, and solo workouts on our off days, including running, swimming, weight training, jumping rope, and core training.

The sad part is, I went swimming last week and could barely do a hundred meters wihtout stopping. I haven't tried to run in a couple years, and then we only went around the block before deciding that we needed a cocktail. I can do weights, but from the looks of it so can most of the other guys.

This is real competition. I don't know what I was expecting. Something fun and recreational, maybe. My bad. These guys aren't playing. This is a team that will be going up against pro-level athletes. I'm still in for it. I'm actually more excited now that I've survived one practice. Not that the practice was that bad - the roughest part was having to tread water for fifteen minutes, the last two with our hands over our heads. That was much harder than I was expecting, though I made it.

My big worry now is that I have the least experience by far. I'll be here for four practices, but only one on the water. Then I'll miss eight. I talked to the coach, and she's ok with that as long as I train while travelling. And if I want a seat during the regatta season I'll need to train hard.

I'm surprised how many of the gang are paddling: Jake has been for a couple years, Allen and Jeff are back for a second year, David S has joined after paddling for Lokahi a few years back, and I think they said Rudy was in also.

So: money is about to go out the door for shoes, a paddle, and dues - and I still haven't fixed my van. He'll be in hibernation a bit more, it looks like.

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