Monday, March 26, 2007

Paris 3

French keyboards will drive me crazy, and the only way to do this is to just push through the differences. So, ''a'' is 'q', ''m'' is '',''- and Ièll correct it all later.

I*m surprised how foreign Paris feels. I think I figured it would be like New York; only weèd all be speaking French. And for all those who told ,e thqt they all speak English here - I'm really curious where exactly you stayed. Iève bqrely heard a word of English the entire time. Itès good - itès forcing me to speak ,ore. Luckily people have been really kind qbout my accent. It's a chqnge fro, Montreal, where qll Ièd get is looks of withering contempt if I tried to speak French. People have been far gentler here - which confuses me. I haven't seen much of the famous Parisian attittude.

If anything, they almost remind me of the Japanese - very reserved, and very formal and proper. Even at the disco, I didnùt notice much s,all talk or flirting. That threw me - they'd go straight from making eye contact to issuing commands, most of which used words that I havenèt learned yet. I don't really respond well to the imperative, so that didn't always go over too well. I still had a great time - and it kind of reminded me of why I stopped going out in the states. Despite all the tough guys and mecs - there was a heavy North African presence at the club - people seemed to be having a good time, and the music was fun. I donùt think I've called music fun in the US in years.

I could also barely walk home afterwards. I had spent all day in the Louvre, and my legs were ready to give out. The Louvre kicked my ass - it was just wonder after wonder after wonder. I tried to leave, but every time I'd take a break I'd re,e,ber so,ething I hqdnùt seen and heqded back inside.

I need to start walking to the train station soon. I'm a mess this ,orning - I really did push myself too hard the past couple days. One day I'll admit that I have limits.

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